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Dr. Gautam Banga, The Best Urologist Delhi

About the Doctor: Dr. Gautam Banga: The Best Urologist Delhi

Best Urologist Delhi

Dr. Gautam Banga is regarded as one of the finest Urologists of Delhi and his claim to fame has not been without its merits. He practices privately in Delhi (Gurgaon, Faridabad and Noida) as a Consultant Andrologist, The Best Urologist Delhi, Penile Reconstructive and Urethra surgeon. Dr. Gautam is adept at handling complicated cases like Stricture Urethra, Hypospadias, Erectile dysfunction, chronic Testicular pain, deformities in the penis like penile curvature, Male infertility and other Urology ailments.

He is the Director of the Centre for Urethra and Penile Reconstructive surgery at the SCI International Hospital located in Greater Kailash at New Delhi.

The Doctor’s education : The Best Urologist Delhi

Best Urologist Delhi

Dr. Gautam Banga obtained his degree in the field of medical science in 2001 from the prestigious BJ Medical College situated in Pune. He obtained his MS in Surgery from MGM Medical College and M.Y Hospital situated in Indore. He completed his M.Ch(Urology) at SMS Medical College and Hospitals located in Jaipur. The doctor did observer ship in Urethral Reconstructive surgeries post his M.Ch from the esteemed Kulkarni Urology treatment Centre located in Pune.

Dr. Gautam also completed 6 weeks fellowship at the Sava Perovic Foundation in Belgrade Serbia for Advanced Reconstructive Uro-Genital surgeries. He also holds memberships from the USI which expands to the Urological Society of India and the NZUSI which corresponds to the North zone Urological Society of India.

Dr. Gautam Banga’s experience : The Best Urologist Delhi

Best Urologist Delhi

For the past few years, Dr. Gautam has been working on treating sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, cosmetic urological problems, penile deformities, Urethra reconstruction along many others. He has performed over a 200 Urethroplasty and his vast experience in dealing with multiple types of Urethral reconstructive surgery including traumatic and non-traumatic cases undoubtedly makes him one of the best Urologists of Delhi.

There are very few Urologists in Delhi who can perform Mini-PCNL and Dr. Gautam is one among them. He also specializes in performing RIRS which expands to Retrograde Intranet Surgeries and HOLEP which focuses on treating enlarged prostates using Lasers. He has performed well over 200 RIRS handling a rich diversity of cases and challenges. His reputation in the field of sexual rehabilitation and Andrology lends him a lot of credibility making reassuring his patients that he is one of the best Urologists in Delhi.

Owing to the doctor’s experience from numerous cases, he has gained a special interest in treating and healing failed Urethral Stricture. The doctor also has a liking for complex cases and always stays ahead with innovative solutions. In his 12+ years of experience as a Urologist, Dr.Gautam Banga has performed more than 1000 urology procedures focusing on reconstructing the Urethra and has an impeccable success rate. The doctor is also highly sought after, being one of the very surgeons in India who specialize in external genitalia.

The doctor generally analyses and documents the medical condition and history of the patient right from the first visit to ensure the patient gets the adequate care necessary for them to recover completely. He has garnered great reputation for his work ethics and has an overwhelmingly positive response from his patients.

His diversity of cases handled by the doctor is also a key contributor to his in-depth understanding of both, the Male and Female reproductive system. This experience helps Dr. Gautam ensure that he takes adequate precautions so there is no oversight in his procedure.

Dr. Gautam Banga expertise : The Best Urologist Delhi

Best Urologist Delhi

Dr. Gautam works on treating case like Male infertility and Cosmetic urology. His expertise also lies in the fact that he handles cases related to both the genders.

His expertise also extends to treating enlarged prostate and kidney stones.  His varied experience helps him in not only treating complicated cases but also in analyzing and preventing future complications during intense and severe procedures.

He has witnessed very high success rates for his penile surgeries, offering and treating patients from all around Delhi. His rich experience also enables him to anticipate any future complications of a procedure performed today. This ability to anticipate helps him come up with a thorough and fool proof procedure to even the most difficult and complicated cases. He also treats erectile dysfunction and other sexual related problems in Male. Dr.Gautam also has a great track record with Penile augmentation.

Dr. Gautam is adept at treating both the genders and has performed surgery on the Urethra and cosmetic urology for women. His success rates speak for himself.

With a rich experience of handling well over 2000 cumulative cases from various disciplines, Dr. Gautam has garnered expertise in almost all of the verticals he has treated which makes him one of the very few Urologists in Delhi who has expertise is treating problems from both the genders. Apart from all the technical knowledge, the consistency and quality of the treatment offered by Dr. Gautam can be considered as one of his main expertise and is something which makes him one of the best Urologists of India.

The Center for Urethra & Penile Surgery

M-4, Greater Kailash I, M Block, Greater Kailash I, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110048
Contact Number: 099990 62316
Email: [email protected]

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