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Microsurgical Vasovasostomy

Vasovasostomy (VVA) is most commonly performed for vasectomy reversal.

It is also performed for other types of vasal reconstructionsuch as after inguinal hernia repair.

Contraindication for VVA:

  • Prohibitive surgical risk from medical comorbities
  • Uncorrectable bleeding diasthesis
  • Severe female factor infertility.

Vasectomy reversal is generally more cost effective than IVF/ICSI.

With longer obstructive interval (>15 years) the pregnancy rate for vasectomy reversal is inferior to sperm retrieval.

Technical success rates for experienced microsurgeons are excellent in appropriately selected patients. Patency rate over 90% can be achieved.

Sexual activity can be resumed 3 weeks post surgery.

Repeat VVA is feasible and has reasonable but slightly lower success rate.