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Urethal Dilatation:

Urethral dilatation is the procedure of dilating the stricture with metal /Teflon dilators. Urethral dilatation is a temporary measure and not a permanent solution for stricture urethra.

Repeated dilatation leads to further damage to urethral mucosa and increase in length and density of stricture urethra.

Indications for urethral dilatation:

  • For a very short segment bulbar urethral stricture (mucosal stricture).
  • In old age patients who are not fit for surgical intervention.
  • In Acute emergency
  • Post TURP bulbomembranous stricture.

Urethral dilatation can be performed under vision also which is bit safe.

Self catheterization is a procedure where a patient inserts a catheter (tube) into his urethra periodically in attempt to prevent stricture recurrence, using the catheter as dilating instrument.