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Best Doctor for Penile Implant Surgery in Delhi

Looking for the best Penile Implant Surgery doctor in Delhi? Dr. Gautam Banga is a specialist surgeon for Penile Implant Surgery. Penile implant surgery or penile prosthesis surgery, is a medical treatment used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) when other treatments have been ineffective. This surgical implant involves the placement of a device inside the penis, which helps allow men to achieve an erection suitable for sexual intercourse.

Types of Penile Implants

  • Inflatable Implants or three-piece Inflatable Implants – These consist of a pump placed in the scrotum, a fluid reservoir beneath the abdominal wall, and two cylinders implanted in the penis. To produce an erection, the pump transfers fluid to the cylinders from the reservoir.
  • Two-piece Inflatable Implants – This is similar to the three-piece implants, but the reservoir is combined with the pump in the scrotum.
  • Malleable (Semi-rigid) Rods – This consists of the flexible roads inserted into the penis also called malleable (semi-rigid) rods. The penis is still flexible but firm, and it can be moved by hand.

Advantages of Penile Implant Surgery
1. High Success and Satisfaction Rates

2. Improved Quality of Life

3. Natural Appearance and Feel

4. Spontaneity

5. Long-Term Solution

6. Non-Interference with Other Medications

7. Minimal Maintenance

8. Psychological Benefits

9. No Need for External Devices

Best Doctor for Penile Implant Surgery in Delhi

Dr. Gautam Banga is a renowned Reconstructive and Microsurgeon based in Delhi, widely respected for his expertise in complex surgical procedures. Among his specialized treatments, Dr. Banga is particularly recognized for his proficiency in Penile Implant Surgery, a procedure aimed at restoring erectile function for men experiencing erectile dysfunction that cannot be resolved through other treatments. His approach blends advanced surgical techniques with compassionate patient care, ensuring each individual receives tailored treatment and support throughout their journey to improved quality of life. Dr. Banga’s commitment to excellence in reconstructive surgery has earned him a distinguished reputation both nationally and internationally.

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