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Best Hypospadias Treatment in India, Delhi-NCR – Consult Renowned Surgeon Dr. Gautam Banga 

Are you looking for the best hypospadias treatment in India? Dr. Gautam Banga is a renowned surgeon who treats hypospadias. Hypospadias is a congenital condition that affects one in every 200 to 300 newborn boys. It is a condition in males where the opening of the urethra is located on the underside of the penis instead of at the tip. This condition can vary in severity, with the opening being located anywhere along the underside of the penis, including the shaft or the scrotum.

Types of Hypospadias 

Hypospadias can be classified into different types based on the location of the urethral opening. The kinds of hypospadias include:

1. Subcoronal Hypospadias: In this type, the urethral opening is located just below the head of the penis.

2. Midshaft Hypospadias: The urethral opening is situated along the shaft of the penis in this type.

3. Penoscrotal Hypospadias: This is a more severe form where the urethral opening is located at the junction of the penis and the scrotum.

The severity of the condition and the precise location of the urethral opening determine the type of hypospadias a child has. 

The exact cause of hypospadias is unknown, and it is often diagnosed at birth during a physical examination.

Symptoms of hypospadias

Some common signs and symptoms of hypospadias include:

1. Abnormal positioning of the urethral opening on the underside of the penis

2. Curvature of the penis.

3. Abnormal spraying during urination.

4. Difficulty in controlling the direction of the urine stream.

5. Presence of hooded appearance of the penis.

Best Hypospadias Treatment in India

The treatment for hypospadias typically requires a surgical procedure to reposition the urethral opening to the tip of the penis and address any curvature. The timing of the surgery is determined based on the severity of the condition and the child’s overall health. In certain instances, multiple surgeries may be necessary to attain optimal results.

After surgery, a catheter may be placed to help drain urine from the bladder, and the child will need to avoid strenuous activities for several weeks. Complications from surgery are rare, and most children recover well with no long-term issues.

Parents of children with hypospadias should work closely with urologists to determine the best course of treatment for their child. With proper medical care, most children with hypospadias can lead normal, healthy lives.

Best Hypospadias Surgeon & Treatment in Delhi NCR

Dr. Gautam Banga has years of experience in urology; he is renowned for his expertise in treating hypospadias. He specializes in surgery to correct this condition, with the main goal of creating a typical, straight penis that functions properly. The type of surgery required depends on the severity of the hypospadias. Dr. Gautam Banga is well-equipped to provide the most appropriate and effective treatment for each case. If you’re seeking the best care for hypospadias in Delhi, Dr. Gautam Banga is the top choice for expert and impactful treatment.