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Micro Tese(MicroDissection Testicular Sperm Aspiration)

Testicular histology is not typically uniform, especially for men who have impaired spermatogenesis.

In order for all areas of potential sperm production to be identified, microdissection must allow examination of all seminiferous tubules within the testis.

If sperm production is present then it contain for cells. Tubules with complete spermatogenesis are larger and more opaque than tubules without spermatogenesis.

Microdissection TESE allows identification of the seminiferous tubules that contain sperm, improving the yield of sperm retrieval and limiting the amount of testicular tissue that need to be removed.

Sperm retrieval from the testis is possible in the majority of men with non obstructive azoospermia. Despite severely abnormal testicular function, limited regions of sperm production can be found in these men. The technique of microdissection is an effective approach to treatment of these patients.


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