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Penile Lengthening

Following criteria should be checked before planning patient for this procedure:

  • Patient should not have any psychological problems
  • Should have normal ability to perform sex.
  • Should be properly informed and ready to accept the possible risks of the procedure.

The suspensory ligament, fundiform ligaments and several lateral extension s of the suspensory ligament that are found deep in the floor are released with an inverted V-Y penopubic skin advancement. Post operative penile weights are used to maintain the elongated length of penis. Penile lengthening surgery is a procedure that is performed to increase the length of full penis and not just penile skin.

Normally with complete separation of the penis from the pubic bone, an additional 1 to 1.5 inches of the penis in the flaccid state becomes available externally. In some cases, the length of the penis can be increased up to 2 inches. No fixed increase in length can be promised before the surgery.

If there is excessive fat in the pubic region, pubic liposuction or a pubic lift should be done to expose more of the penis. If a peno-scrotal web (turkey-neck deformity) has decreased the ‘usable’ penile length, its correction can usually be performed in conjunction with penile lengthening. A penile lengthening device following surgery is necessary to achieve the best possible results of the surgery.


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