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Medical Treatment

The FDA has approved the first drug for treating Peyronie’s disease, Xiaflex. It is believed to work by breaking down the scar tissue that causes the curvature.

Vitamin Therapy

Some studies have shown that vitamin E improves Peyronie’s disease. Similar studies have been done on para-aminobenzoate, a substance related to B-complex vitamins, but the results have been inconclusive. Both of these substances theoretically decrease or inhibit the scar tissue (plaque) formation.

Other Options

Other approaches to treating Peyronie’s disease that have yet to be confirmed as effective include the injection of chemical agents directly into the plaque or radiation therapy. However, because radiation therapy can only relieve pain associated with Peyronie’s disease and pain frequently disappears without treatment, it is seldom performed.

Since the severity of the condition varies from person to person, talk to your doctor about what treatment strategy is right for you.

Pain Management

In the majority of men with penile pain due to Peyronie’s disease, the discomfort usually will resolve on its own as the penile injury heals and matures over time. This process may take as long as six to 18 months. In certain instances, the calcium channel blockers Calan or Isoptin may be effective in decreasing the pain related to Peyronie’s disease when injected directly into the penile scar or plaque.


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