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Complex and Re-Do Cases

Many of patients are referred to us with recurrent strictures after failed urethral surgery.

Causes of failed posterior urethroplasty:

  • Total obliteration of urethra due to lack of proximal exposure and incomplete scar excision. This is common when surgery is performed by inexperienced surgeon. In re do surgery scar is completely excised and fresh anastomosis is performed.
  • Incomplete mobilization of bulbar urethra leading to compromised vascularity and restricture formation. In re do surgery urethra is mobilized from peno scrotal junction to site of scar.
  • End to side anastomosis is spite of end to end. It mostly happens due to false passage formation.

Cause of failed buccal mucosa urethroplasty:

  • Complete or partial loss of buccal mucosa graft due to faulty technique.
  • Proximal or distal anastomotic narrowing due to faulty mucosal suturing.


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