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A common consequence of urethral stricture is decrease in force of urine stream and prolonged time needed to empty the bladder. Symptoms normally develop gradually over a period of time. In some instance the symptoms develop very slowly and patient really can not appreciate the slow flow rate except that they take more than usual time to empty their bladder.

Bothersome symptoms related to stricture urethra.(symptoms in which stricture urethra should be suspected)

  • Poor urinary stream.
  • Passing urine with very thin stream or passing urine in drops.
  • Straining to pass urine.
  • Need more than usual time to pass urine.
  • Sudden urge to pass urine
  • Have to go frequently to pass urine
  • Sense of incomplete emptying of bladder.
  • Recurrent urinary infection
  • Retention or inability to pass urine
  • Incontinence of urine after retention (Overflow Incontinence)
  • Pus discharge from urethral meatus
  • Abscess formation in perineal region followed by urine discharge from the abscess (urethra-cutaneous Fistula)
  • Swelling and infection in prostate (Prostatitis) or in testis (Epididymorchitis).
  • Rarely flank pain while passing urine ( due to reflux)


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