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Urethral Stent

Better results are obtained by using urethral stents in strictures with a short history before multiple urethrotomies and dilatations have been carried out and before extensive urethral and periurethral fibrosis has occurred. This means that urethral rupture strictures are unsuitable, and in any case these are simple to deal with be means of stricture excision and primary end to end anastomosis of the urethra particularly when the stricture is in the bulbar urethra.

Depending on the aetiology, the site and the length of the stricture there is always a 40-50% chance that the stricture may be cured by means of a simple urethrotomy or dilatation and this should always be tried at least once before resorting to urethral stenting. There is no doubt that permanent urethral stents have an important role to play in the treatment of recurrent urethral strictures. Temporary stenting of the urethra with non-epithelial covering stents is a simpler and safer treatment.


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