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The Center for Urethra & Penile Surgery

You can avail Virtual Consultation from Dr. Gautam Banga via chat or Call on +91-9999062316

The center of Urethra and Penile Surgery (UPS) was established in 2010 as a premier regional tertiary referral center in south Delhi, India, dedicated to the treatment of disorders of the Male urethra and external genitalia. UPS is located at SCI International Hospital, M-4, Greater Kailash,part-1, New Delhi,

We are a center of exclusivity & excellence for Andrology and Reconstructive Urology. We specialize in Urethral stricture, Peyronie’s disease, Erectile dysfunction, Penile implant placement & revision, Hypospadias repair, congenital penile curvature correction and other disorders of the male external genitalia such as epispadias, hydrocele, phimosis etc.

Dr. Gautam Banga, is the Director of the center of Urethra and Penile Surgery. In addition, our team has internationally trained physicians, anaesthetists, nursing staff and operations team working together effortlessly to deliver the best clinical outcome and make the patient experience at our center hassle free.


Urethral Stricture & Trauma

The male urethra is a tubular structure about 18 cm in length, and it may present an occlusion Read More

Peyronie’s Disease & Penile Curvature

Peyronie’s disease is a disorder of the penis characterized by scarring or nodule Read More

Penile Augmentation Surgery

Phalloplasty surgery is cosmetic solution for a patient who is not satisfied with his natural size of penis. Read More

Male Infertility

Dramatic advances in the diagnosis and treatment of male infertility allows conception for Read More

Erectile Dysfunction

The male urethra is a tubular structure about 18 cm in length, and it may present an occlusion Read More


The male urethra is a tubular structure about 18 cm in length, and it may present an occlusion Read More

Incontinence Treatment

The male urethra is a tubular structure about 18 cm in length, and it may present an occlusion Read More

Dr. Gautam Banga

About Dr.Gautam BangaConsultant Andrologist and Genito-Urinary Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr Gautam Banga is one of the renowned Reconstructive Urologists whose patients have ranged from various countries. He is certified in Urology and one of the Best Andrologists in North India for the past 13 years. He is a dedicated urethra and penile reconstructive surgeon with special interest in managing failed and complex urethral stricture, Hypospadias and penile curvature cases.

Dr.Gautam Banga belongs to the cadre of Urologists who have gained reputation in the field of Reconstructive Urology among fellow Urologists.
The doctor is also highly sought after, being one of the very few surgeons in India who specialize in External Genitalia Reconstructive Surgery.

He is among the very few Urologists in India who are exclusively devoted to surgery of urethra and external genitalia.

Read More


  • Excellent service given throughout the duration of stay at Hospital. Very calm and pleasant staff, special thanks to Dr.Gautam Banga for giving good suggestion and giving us clean path for my Son’s Hypospadias surgery.
    Dr.Gautam Banga is a calm hearing all our queries calmly and reply promptly over phone and whastapp too.
    Thanks to all SCI staff. Wish for great services ahead.

    B.M, Nepal.

    B.M., Nepal (Hypospadias)
  • I am very much satisfied with the services of SCI Hospital. Dr.Gautam Banga is the best person and Urologist who performed the operation (Urethroplasty) of my Father. Dr.Gautam Banga treats his patients as his family member. Thanks to Dr.Gautam sir and all the staff who gave us the best services.

    Amar Singh, Urethroplasty.
  • First of all I want to thank Dr. Gautam Banga. We are happy with the surgery (Urethroplasty) and the cost as compared to other hospitals. We would like to Thank Hospital staff and management.

    Overall we are more than happy.

    Sayed Abdul, Kabul for Urethroplasty
  • salman-afganistan


    My 5 years old son was operated by Dr. Gautam Banga for Hypospadias successfully. We are grateful to Dr. Gautam for his dedication in his work. We are highly satisfied with the treatment provided by Dr.Gautam Banga.


    Thanks and love from Afghanistan.

    Salman, Afghanistan (Hypospadias)
  • new doc 2018-11-10 11.57.56_1

    I would like to thank the whole team of SCI International hospital who took care of mine. Dr.Gautam Banga is amazing doctor as well as good human being, too humble.  The staff is also too good. This hospital provides the best facilities  Lastly and everytime I would like to Thank Dr.Banga and pray to God , may his path of life or journey of life be filled with lots of happiness and success as he filled my life with lots of happiness.


    S.Singh, Amritsar (Ejaculatory duct obstruction)
  • Dear Sir, I am really thankful to you. Implant has changed my life completely.

    Thankyou once again.

    Mr.G.A., Australia(Penile implant)
  • Dear Dr. Gautam, glad to let you know I am quite satisfied with the results of the implant . The device is far better than I had imagined it would be.

    Thank you

    Mr.D, USA

    Mr.D, USA (Penile implant)
  • I would like to put on record my deep appreciation for the professionalism displayed by the hospital staff. I am specially grateful to Dr. Gautam Banga who has been very supportive and operated me. I am completely satisfied. The nursing staff has been very helpful.

    Thank you very much. Warm Regards.

    S.Kumar, Delhi (Penile enhancement surgery)
  • SCI treatment and dedication with the patient to motivate to make him feel that he will be alright is really supportive. Special Thanks to Dr. Gautam Banga to deal with the patient with full of inspiration and motivating words. The kind cooperation from all the team , Ms.Shivani Tyagi, Mr.Naushad, all nursing staff with full dedication is really remarkable.  keep growing like this always.

    Jatin, Haridwar (Urethroplasty)
  • Dr.Gautam Banga is one of the most generous and kind type of guy. Staff and members at SCI Hospital are so caring & Helping.


    Mr.A,Delhi (Penile curvature correction)
  • My uncle was suffering a lot due to stricture urethra for almost 3 years. In these three years he was operated twice in patna and delhi but still the problem was not resolved. After the failure of two surgeries (urethroplasty)we were not able to trust on any urologist now but when we met Dr.Gautam Banga, we were relaxed to some extent as he answered our all questions patiently.
    Trusting him was the wisest decision , my uncle was operated by Dr.Gautam Banga. He did a great job even though my uncle’s case was not simple still he made it.
    We are really very grateful to Dr.Gautam Banga and his team. we would like to recommend his name to my all friends and relatives.

    Sonu Jha, Patna(Urethroplasty)

    I thank Dr.Gautam Banga for my good operation and his administration team for a nice stay in hospital. I will remember your kindness all the time.  Thank you once again.

    Talib , Jordan (Penile Implant)
  • Dear Shivani
    Thanks for everything, your
    Service and hospitality is satisfactory overall..very professional and also reliable.
    Quite nice experience with Dr.Gautum. thanks again.
    Md Sekander Ali
    Mr.S.A.,Bangladesh (Erectile Dysfunction)
  • I am thankful to Dr.Gautam Banga for operating my Stricture urethra by Buccal Mucosa Urethroplasty. This is an excellent hospital with tremendous care and top compassion. It offers patients splendid service. Doctors seem to be highly skilled. Nurses and staff are nice, Kind and very caring. It is truly exceptional care with compassion.


    Omar T., Canada

    Omar Toutounji (2)


    OMAR TOUTONJI, CANADA (Urethroplasty)
  • I would like to thank SCI International hospital for providing us the international service that was more than our expectation. We were treated with the utmost courtesy and understanding by all staffs. The friendly smiling face of Ms Shivani Tyagi to greet us and personal touch by staff will be in my memory throughout my life.  I am impressed with with the highly efficient  doctor Gautam banga ,his smiley face and friendly staff and their warm hospitality. All these beautiful atmosphere which i felt here here would definitely drive me here in the future. I would like to
    Thanks Dr. Gautam so much for making my son well and successful one touch Hypospadias surgery . I wish  more success of this organization.


    Binod Aryal, Nepal (Hypospadias)
  • My Son had a Hypospadias repair operation at SCI International and the surgery was successfully done by Dr. Gautam Banga.

    Dr. Gautam Banga is an expert in hypospadias surgery and I believe on his ability.

    Dr. Gautam has given his greatest help towards emotional and financial end. Hospital and their staff has provided nice hospitality towards the patients and the relatives.

    All their internal Staff were very caring, humble, polite & helpful at all.

    Earlier, I have searched many hospital in Delhi/NCR but I have not found any other hospital better than SCI International.

    I would surely recommend this hospital.

    Thanks to all of you for support and care !!!

    Shiv Negi, Delhi (Hypospadias)
  • Dear Sir,

    This Ahmad Wali your Varicocele Treated Patient from Afghanistan Kabul. I am feeling so good and being well treated through by you in SCI international Hospital. Actually I am very pleased with your honorable attitude and friendly behavior in SCI hospital. Entire SCI staff is so friendly and well trained in hospitality of international patients. Thank you once again and I do really appreciate your ward working + knowledge in your field.

    Best regards, Ahmad

    Ahmad Wali, Kabul (Varicocele)
  • My brother Mussa Hamadi (patient form D.R.CONGO) was apparently well 4 years ago. When he developed urinary retention, he underwent Surgeries 3 times in Congo the résult was negative every time and then 2 multiples times in Kenya-Nairobi the résult was still negative.

    Then we had to travel India-Delhi to SCI Hospital where Mussa underwent Urethroplasty under supervision of Dr. Gautam Banga.

    Glory to God the result is positive this time.
    So God bless Dr. Gautam as now everything is normal.
    The patient is out of danger for his health.
    I congratulate Dr. Gautam and the médical service for their good work quality.
    Special mentions to Mr.Gourav for assistance and hygiene hospital service.
    Only the restaurant services of the Hospital is bad may be because of our différent cultures for foods.
    We wish to continue well your work for the well-being of humanity.
    God bless all workers of this Hospital.


    John ASSANI form D.R.CONGO.

    John Assani form D.R.CONGO(Urethroplasty)
  • I was admitted to the hospital last Saturday for a proactive enlargement of Bladder surgery which was conducted the same day i.e. Saturday 17th Sep’16 without any problem. I really enjoyed and appreciate the management of the entire members of staff of the SCI hospital. I pray to Allah for them to continue with the worth and services to humanity. And I Insha Allah be the ambassador of the hospital in my great country Nigeria.

    I will never forget the contribution given to me during my stay in the hospital by the following person: Sister Priya George and Sister Chin haokip and special thanks to Dr. Gautam Banga.


    Thanking you,

    Umaru M Kajuru

    Umaru M Kajuru, Nigeria(Urinary Bladder Surgery)
  • scan4

    A big Thankyou to Dr.Gautam Banga and his team for the effort they have put into my procedure. after a couple of unsuccessful operations with hospitals in Bangalore a couple of years ago. Dr.Gautam’s professional and skilled techniques has corrected my problem(Penile curvature surgery). I am very grateful for the treatment I received.


    Leon Russel, Australia(Penile curvature correction)
  • We would like to offer over deepest thanks to all the members of SCI International Hospital Staff who made the surgery (Urethroplasty)of my husband ( on dated 18 July 2016) so comfortable.. we feel better knowing that days were full of the best possible care ..the kindness of all the nurses to my husband and myself…is something I’ll always treasure…

    Special thanks to Dr. Gautam Banga…

    Mr. N.Dutta, Faridabad (Urethroplasty)
  • Scan20001 (3)

    Overall the care is great. Dr.Gautam Banga is very experienced and is able to handle very complicated cases very well. We are thoroughly satisfied with the experience.

    Mr. S.,Assam (Penile Implant)
  • I mohammed Bapparu from Nigeria wish to show my gratitude to Dr Gautam Banga and his team for a successful surgery on Buccal Mucosa Urethroplasty (dorsal only) conducted to me. I saw experience and concern by Dr Gautam Banga after the investigations he discussed the procedures for the surgery with me. I really appreciate and promise to refer any one with similar and any related urethra cases and kidney diseases to Dr Gautam Banga.

    Mohammed Bapparu, Nigeria
  • I Mohammed Bapparu from Nigeria wish to show my gratitude to Dr. Gautam Banga and his team for a successful surgery on Buccal Mucosa Urethroplasty (dorsal only) conducted to me.

    I saw experience and concern by Dr Gautam Banga after the investigations he discussed the procedures for the surgery with me.

    I really appreciate and promise to refer any one with similar and any related urethra cases and kidney diseases to Dr Gautam Banga.

    Mohammed Bapparu
  • We feel very great to share that we had very very excellent experience during the hospitalization of our son.

    DR. GAUTAM BANGA is awesome as well as his attitude and concern about his patient is unbelievable.Management is too good as well as whole servicing staff is very understanding and supporting. We are very sure to recommend others for any consultation in SCI INTERNATIONAL  HOSPITAL.Thank you SCI for your support during our child surgery for Hypospadias .

    Parents of Arush, Noida.
  • Respected sir,

    With most humbly , I Pankaj Mishra Son of SHRI RADHA KANT MISHRA( Ur patient) & my whole family members want to give Thanks and lots of good wishes to u  Dr. Gautam & Dr. Vishal…
    Ur treatment made by father much better…
    I wish god always empowers  u & ur life saving hands.

    Thanking both of u once again..

    Yours faithfully
    Pankaj Mishra
    S/o Radha kant mishra

    Pankaj Mishra
  • My experience here was very good. Our Pre and post consultation we found that Dr.Gautam Banga was very polite and made us understand everything in detail which was very helpful for non-medicos like us. The nursing staff was very caring and helpful. The housekeeping staff was also very prompt and good.

    Rajendra Khanna
  • I got admitted at SCI for Urological procedure under Dr. Gautam Banga. I would like to acknowledge that all staff including Nursing, housekeeping were very cooperative during my stay. All the concerned doctors briefed me the procedure properly. I would like to thank Dr.Gautam  especially who performed my surgery. The administration department is very friendly.
    I would surely recommend this hospital to others. Thank you everyone for your cooperation throughout my stay.

    Pradeep Sharma
  • I am Nwoye Godson from Nigeria. I brought my father Nwoye Bernard to SCI Hospital with the issue of enlarged prostate. Surgery was conducted successfully. All credit goes to Dr.Gautam and team.
    I really appreciate SCI team for what was done for us here and I pray that the Hospital may continue with this attitude and God bless you more.

    Nwoye Godson, Nigeria
  • Dear Dr. Gautam Banga.

    We are glad to inform you that we had a safe journey back home and doing well.
    We thank you for your excellent treatment you did to us and hoping to see you soon in Dar es Salaam –Tanzania.

    Mr. & Mrs S. I. Kishimbo


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