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Whether you want circumcision surgery of your child because of your religious ritual or for
fulfilling the hygiene requirements, we perform circumcision procedure in the safest possible
way. Circumcision refers to cutting away the foreskin i.e. the skin that covers the tip of your
baby’s or male child’s penis.

How Circumcision is Beneficial

A majority of research studies have proved that circumcision on male children has a prime role
to reduce the risk related to suffering from HIV, as the penis foreskin is more likely to attach
with HIV cells, as foreskin has special Langerhans cells.

Furthermore, we have found that most of the circumcised boys have relatively less chance to
suffer from urinary tract infection during their initial 6months period.

Other than this, our surgeons perform circumcision on newborns and infants with utmost care,
because of which your kids remain free from various foreskin problems, like balanoposthitis,
paraphimosis and phimosis.

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