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If your baby boy has testicles in non-descended form, even after 8months age, you should
schedule your child’s appointment with Dr.Gautam Banga, Consultant Urologist at SCI
International Hospital, Delhi for orchidopexy surgery.

Orchidopexy is a surgical intervention carried out to bring any non-descended testicle or testicles
down within the scrotum. This can be needed to be done either one side or both sides which is
decided by Dr.Gautam Banga after evaluating the patient.

Why the Surgery is Essential

Indeed, most of the parents and caregivers may ask us why their children should undergo with
the orchidopexy surgery. For this, we should say if the testicle/testicles remain in non-descended
form or fail to go down within the scrotum before your child reaches puberty; testicles often lost
their abilities of producing sperm. In addition, men with non-descended testicles remain at
relatively higher risk to develop testicular cancer inside the testicle.

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