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Penile Prosthesis/Implant

If you are dealing with the problem of erectile dysfunction and failing to get good results with
medication and other treatment options, you should consider for penile prosthesis or penile

According to this treatment, our urology surgeons surgically implant either inflatable/hydraulic
or bendable/malleable devices inside the erection chambers of your penis.

Bendable/Malleable Devices

In this type of implantation technique, penis always remains in semi-rigid condition and requires
minor adjustment or lift to be in erect position for initiating sex. Implantation treatment is perfect
for all men with limited hand strength and suffering from spinal cord injuries.

Inflatable/Hydraulic Devices

With drastic advancement in urology sector, our urologists are able to provide you inflatable or
hydraulic penile implant or prosthesis. This lets you to have erections according to your own
choice. Moreover, an inflatable device is neutral, because of which you may conceal it easily.

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