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Cure Hypospadias with successful

It is entirely possible to cure Hypospadias with successful surgery and better treatment


The problem of hypospadias arises with the opening of the urethra located below the male penis. Do not consider such a problem during intercourse or urination as a common problem. It could be hypospadias and it is completely treatable today.

The problem of hypospadias in male babies is quite common, which can be corrected through simple surgery. Pediatricians today have been able to eliminate this merge from the root. Hypospadias is a congenital condition that occurs in one in 200 babies. In this, the urethra (flesh) is on the underside of the penis instead of the tip (glands). In such a situation, the specific form of the penis is restored by doing its surgery and every problem related to urination and reproduction is also solved.

Types of Hypospadias:

Subcoronal: This is a common problem that occurs near the tip of the penis.

Midshaft: The opening of the urethra is located along the shaft of the penis.

Penoscrotal: Its opening is visible in the penis and scrotum.

This serious and rare condition of the perineal (hypospadias) occurs behind the scrotum.


Opening of the urethra at a location other than the tip of a penis.
Penis curvature downwards. Spraying all around while urinating.
The hooded appearance of the penis because only the top half of the penis is covered by foreskin.
Slight displacement in the opening of the urethra.
Disorder in urination or any other type of problem.
Difficulty in ejaculation or abnormal form of a penis.

Dr.Gautam Banga

Consultant Andrologist and Genito-Urinary Reconstructive Surgeon

Get in Touch with a Doctor Immediately:

In most infants, hypospadias can be diagnosed soon after birth. In this case, mild cases of hypospadias can be treated immediately, such as a slight dislocation of the urethral opening. In such a situation, it becomes important for parents to consult to doctor immediately if there is any doubt or concern about the child's penis or if there is any problem with urination.

Causes of hypospadias:

The circulatory system of the male reproductive system is monitored by special hormones. These hormones keep the urethra and the front part of the penis sensitive. Hypospadias is a birth defect that is believed to be the result of hormonal imbalance. In such a situation, experts also believe that this problem can also arise due to genetic and environmental reasons. May be seen in infants if there is a family history of it. Talking about research, it has been revealed in many types of research that women above 35 years of age are at risk of giving birth to boys with hypospadias. At the same time, if the mother comes in contact with any hormones, pesticides or chemicals, etc. during pregnancy, then such problems can also come to the fore.

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What Happens If Urethral Stricture Is Not Treated?

Are you facing frequent urination, and even after that are you unable to empty the bladder? Then the problem will be associated with the narrowing of the urethra which is called urethral stricture. All you need to know about urethral stricture treatment is as follows.

Causes of urethral stricture?

• Urethral instrumentation
• Infections like Gonorrhoea
• Non-infectious urethral inflammation
• Injury to the site

These are the common causes which immediately or in the future may result in urethral stricture.

Related symptoms:

• Weak urinary stream
• Urinary urgency and frequency
• Pain and strain during maturation
• Inability to completely empty the bladder

If individual neglect these signs and symptoms and won’t get treatment at an adequate time then it may result in serious problems.

Complications of urethral stricture:

• Prostatitis
• Urinary retention
• Urethral fistula
• Urinary calculus
• Urinary tract infection
• Periurethral abscess

The other serious problem which may result from an untreated urethral stricture is bilateral hydronephrosis and it may end up in causing renal failure, a medical emergency.

Rate of occurrence in men and women:

Men suffer more from urethral stricture when compared to women. This problem is a rare entity when in women.

Urethral stricture treatment:

The physician usually treats the problem with urethroplasty whenever it’s possible over other surgical treatments. But besides this procedure, there are other steps and treatment aspects concerned in treating the former explained problem. These will depend upon the situation.

If the patient has no problems other than urine urgency and frequency then the catheterization is done to evacuate urine. This may be followed by the dilation procedure. Which is usually done in the recurrent urethral stricture?

Urethroplasty another treatment option where the narrowed part of the urethra is removed and thus enlarging the concerned. The recurrence rate after this procedure is very low.

Stentor permanent catheter implantation is a treatment method but it may further cause bladder irritations.

Endoscopic urethrotomy is another procedure which may result in faster recovery but has chances of recurrence.