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Cause of penile curvature?

In Peyronie’s disease, a disorder of penile curvature, a scar or plaque develops under the skin within tissue called the tunica albuginea of the penis. This is not a plaque that develops outside or inside of tunica but within two layers of it.

This scar is non elastic and this inability of scar on penile shaft to stretch during an erection is what causes penile curvature.

In Peyronie’s disease, the penis generally curves in the direction of the scar/plaque. For example, if the plaque is on top (dorsal) shaft of the penis (most common location), the penis will curve upward during erection. In most cases cases curvature in upward or lateral. Many of our patients that scar can be removed by minor procedure like superficial scar excision which is not the reality. The plaque is part of tunica which needs to be replaced after excision.

The cause of the scarring associated with the development of bent of penis is not well known. It may result from injury to penile shaft, perhaps during sexual intercourse. This may represent a specific event or repeated minor trauma. A significant number of patients with peyronie’s also have Dupuytren’s contracture, a fibrotic process involving hand. It is therefore thought that certain individuals are generally predisposed to the condition.


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